It had been a whirlwind journey before Skinapy’s vision became a reality. I had been working in the medical field as a rehab therapist for many years and after had witnessed countless patients experienced a variety of illnesses that had made me realize how important it is to stay healthy so we can conquer this long tough life with meanings. So I started to eat healthier and exercise to make my body feel better and stay fit. Life changed even more after I got married and had three little girls (my precious owls). 

My husband became allergic to chemical-laden products and processed foods that he developed eczema with skin rashes, and the girls endured the same health issues as well. I felt heartbroken when they would wake up in the middle of the night scratching their arms and legs non-stop and were lacked of sleep for many nights. I remembered that I couldn’t handle their suffering caused by the eczema so I decided to do something about it. I stopped letting my whole family eat processed foods and use conventional skincare products, and instead I tried to purchase as much natural and organic products as possible for them. After consuming these natural products for a while, they began to have less breakouts from the skin rashes and were able to sleep better and longer.

I acknowledge that you can’t cure eczema, but you can manage the symptoms with lifestyle changes such as using natural and organic products like we did to reduce the symptoms as much as possible. As time went on, I began to research and making natural and organic bath and skincare products for my family and what a difference did these products made on my family's skin. I also gave away my handmade products to friends and they ended up loving these products so they suggested me to sell to them as well as to others who want to experience the beneficial effects of using natural products on their skin and hair. 

Then one day, a light bulb just appeared on my mind and told me to named this little humble’s vision, Skinapy. Skin-a-py can either means skin therapy or skin happy because it’s a therapeutic and happy experience to take some time off of our hectic and stressful life to relax and unwind by using these delicate all natural and organic handmade skincare products to get back that me-time we once had and to care for our skin so we can stay healthy to conquer the challenging tasks that life gives us as we embark on this long journey.

After having to go through this frustrating and stressful eczema experience with my family, I had realized that staying healthy is the key to a happy and quality life, at least it is the key to my family’s life. I refused to purchase or use any products on my precious family that contain toxic ingredients that I can’t even pronounce or too lengthy to read. I became obsessed with reading products’ labels that I won’t stop reading until I find the right products to put in my shopping cart.

At Skinapy, we like to keep things simple by incorporating simple and high quality yet effective natural and organic ingredients in our products without fillers or complicated ingredients to keep your skin feel nourished and loved because life should be simple and sweet. We also keep the packaging for our products minimal and natural because we want to keep our Mother Earth green and healthy so we stay away from adding more waste into the landfill by using recyclable and biodegradable materials to housed our products. Our motto is the lesser the better because what we receive from the inside is more important, simple, and beautiful than the outside appearance. 

We hope that Skinapy’s products will help your skin feel nourished and relaxed after a tiring day and that there will be a natural cure for eczema or other skin conditions once day so the people of this world will feel happier to live a meaningful life. 

It is also in Skinapy’s interest to participate in different charitable organizations such as environmental, world hunger, christian ministries, global education, and just to name a few by putting aside a portion of our profit to support these charities to shred some lights and hopes for those who lacked the opportunities to live a healthy life due to unforeseen circumstances. God had given us so much through our life; therefore, we would like to use Skinapy as a pathway to give back to others from around the world. We would love to have our customers join forces with us by participating in their local or world charity organizations to help change lives. Thank you so much for stopping by this little owls’ nest and to keep your skin happy and healthy :)

Best wishes,
Charlene and little owls.